Re: 2.1 a-d: Link Recognition by Reserved Attribute?

lee@sq.com wrote:
> ISO has no authority on the Internet.  Actually, people generally conform
> to ISO standards because they choose to, not because they are forced to --
> that is, people who make decisions about whether to conform.
> The IETF has authority over networking protocols used on the Internet.

The IETF can suggest anything it wishes as can any private organization.
Those who wish to agree and cooperate can, as with any standards body.

> It's a different world...  SGML and ISO are tolerated where they
> are useful and not overly intrusive, not obeyed.

No one has authority over the Internet since DoD ditched it.
The fact is, all of these things are "only agreements" and 
are obeyed insofar are they are convenient.  The IETF standards 
are full of conflicts.

But what we are talking about is XML subsetting an ISO Standard, 
not putting YetAnotherRFC on the street.  There is no they:  we are
Before we put into motion a work that can splinter the good 
work of SGML, consider putting some boundaries around that.
Normative references do that.

Tolerance is not at issue.  Obedience is not at issue.
Stable and cooperative development are.  Normative references 
have a use in that they set the proper and useful boundaries 
and establish precedents for future good relationships.

len bullard