Re: Loss of information going from SGML to XML


That Peter MR is an early indicator of how XML will be received by the 
SGML audience, is a point well taken. Perhaps we should consider a "Guide to 
Moving from SGML to XML" to help prevent surprise and confusion. 

Befor we consider changing the design based on one person's reaction we
should first understand the nature of the reaction which the wg list
did. Then, we should consider if this case is compatible with the
design goals. 

As I recall Peter's initial dismay/confusion, it was that he would have 
to make changes, not the nature of them.  The design never assumed that 
existing SGML applications would be XML complient, just that it would be 
straight forward to make the application complient.  

Since Peter's case is not really what we were designing for, then we 
should consider how XML is described and what types of support various 
audiences will need. Here, Peter's case has really helped. Not only 
should the nature of the transform be described, there needs to be work
with various vendors and standards bodies to address the issues with 
entities. Given the nature of the group, we must rely on the market to
address these needs.


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