Re: 3.2 c-d Content of linking elements?

Oops, too late I realise I'm not clear on the space of link element
types.  Are there two, namely 'XML Analogue of HTML "<A"' and
'generalized multilink'?  Or three, those two plus 'general link'?
I'm assuming two only, as before, when they were called in-line link
and [I forget].

>  3.2.c Should we provide a content model for general links, and if locators
>  live in subelements, for them? 

Yes for subelements of general link ELEMENTS, no for the rest of the content.

>  3.2.d Should we allow these links to contain anything other than the PCDATA
>  and, 
>  perhaps locator subelements? 

Yes, by parity of argument with in-line links.