Re: What to do given both SYSTEM and PUBLIC?

Joe writes:
> What I meant was: it's not possible to write a program that will,
> given an arbitrary FPI, return the public text denoted by that FPI.

OK, I was using "resolve" in a quite different sense: "work out what
file to find this DTD/ent, but stopping short of actually retrieving it"

One thing that niggles is that all the mechanism for doing it is very
nearly in place. If the ISO 9070 Registrar held a publicly-accessible 
list of POIs and their servers, this would encourage registration, 
and "+//Foo, Inc//..." could easily be resolved as (eg)
{ftp|http|whatever}://foo.com/...  Are there any plans for this 
(anyone from the GCA here)? Unregistered owners would of course
need to provide a SYSTEM id :-)