3.3 XML Analogue of HTML "<A"?

The ERB schedule calls for voting on Feb. 26 on these items.

3.3.a Should we have a type of link that tries to be a nice clean superset of 
HTML's Anchor?

3.3.b If so, what should we call it? 

3.3.c If 3.2.b goes the way of child elements for locators, should the "A" 
link have a single child element for consistency with that, or no such 
element for consistency with HTML? 

3.3.d Should we regard such an "A" link as involving one or two resources? 

3.3.e If it involves two resources, is it a problem that there is no obvious 
place to put locator metadata for the "implied" resource? 

3.3.f SHould we provide a content model for "A" links? 

3.3.g Should we allow "A" links to contain anything other than PCDATA?