Re: SERIOUS concerns about implementation

At 10:29 20/02/97 -0600, MSMcQ wrote:
[ent sets]
>I for one thought it was obvious long ago, [...]  
>So I'm neither surprised nor shocked by Peter
>Murray-Rust's discovery, though I am alarmed to see that some members of
>the WG seem surprised by it.

I just hadn't gotten round to thinking about it. I knew my DTDs would
need editing, but as you say, you only need do it once.

>Nothing has changed.  Is there a reason to revisit the decisions?

No, but it should remain true to say that a carefully-edited set of ent
files and dtds will remain usable with standard SGML tools.

> to discover 1000s of internal "homepages" that grew overnight
> like magic mushrooms on a rich motherlode of corporate horseshit.
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