Java-based XML browser and implementation comments

Peter Murray-Rust writes:
 > Is there a tool which 'normalises' DTDs (i.e. resolves 
 > all the parameter entities) and outputs a 'processed' DTD?  (While I'm
 > on that, is there a tool which can parse the DTD so it can be used by a 
 > program?).

Try the perlSGML package by Earl Hood at
http://www.oac.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/perlSGML.html.  It provides
functions for parsing a DTD, then once you've parsed the DTD you can
use numerous other functions that return lists or arrays containing
information about elements and attributes.  It also comes with several
example applications, such as dtd2html which reads a DTD then produces
documentation in HTML.


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