Re: Java-based XML browser and implementation comments

Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
> I have just completed a preliminary distribution kit for my XML/CML
> browser JUMBO (Java Universal Markup Browser for Objects) and you are
> welcome to have a play.  The points relevant to the WG are:

> The main point is that I thought that XML was a subset of SGML and 5
> minutes with vi would fix the files.  Not so.  I think people will not
> be very happy to have to have two version of files for entity sets.  I
> suspect there will be a real need for tools that 'convert SGML to XML'.

> A general conclusion is that you will need to give a good deal of help
> to people who want to convert from SGML.  There are bits which aren't obvious
> and bits which you might expect to be there and aren't.  This conversion is
> not just the document instances, it's the whole lot.  (This isn't meant
> to sound negative... but it will be even harder for PhaseII).

That is bad news.  If XML is a complete break with SGML, then 
there is trouble ahead.  The San Diego conference could have some 
rough moments if the attendees are knowledgeable.