Re: What to do given both SYSTEM and PUBLIC?

John_Lavagnino@Brown.edu wrote:

> To make clearer what I proposed on this topic just now:  let's keep
> both SYSTEM and PUBLIC but drop the SGML option of mixing them. 

That's sensible, although there would then be no standard XML way of
processing a document with PUBLIC -- you'd have to use a resolution
mechanism to get a CATALOG file and then a TD, and we haven't got one.
Maybe we can live with that?  Just don't use PUBLIC if you want things
to work for other people?  It would be like a sort of processing

> [...]  no to
> <!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM 'foo.dtd' PUBLIC '-//US Army//DTD Jargon list//EN' >

This is illegal anyway in SGML, unfortunately.  If you could
give multiple external identifiers, our priority problem would be
solved, as we could say that it's left to right -- i.e., in your
example, foo.dtd would be preferred, but had PUBLC been first,
it'd've been the other way round.