Re: 6. Addressing & process model issues

6.1  I agree with Peter, this is vastly too complicated.  What in
principle is the answer if the linking element is in a grove for a
document D1, but actually came via an external entity with a URL
pointing to some other document D2 (regress ad infinitum)?  Forget it.

6.2 The example introducing this is over-specialised to browser
applications.  Parsing locators (== specifying their semantics given a
particular locator language) is certainly WITHIN our remit; specifying
how they should be processed is not, because that takes is over into
LINK semantics, which is a different thing altogether.  In my view
things like client/server balance of responsibilities are so
contingent on Application type and technology state as to be
completely out of bounds for the kind of standard we're trying to