RE: What to do given both SYSTEM and PUBLIC?

lee@sq.com wrote:

>I still think we should avoid PUBLIC.  I have yet to see any
>clear examples that require it.

To the contrary, using PUBLIC should be encouraged. Its
benefits are obvious, and I don't see why one should deny
XML such a useful construct.

As far as examples go, well, PUBLIC gives you location
independence (as pointed out by e.g. Jon), and it improves
maintainability (updating a catalog entry is preferable
to editing corresponding DTDs or document type subsets
referring to a particular entity) .

An XML application's catalog is - arguably - under end-user
control; this will generally not be the case for URLs in
XML documents.

>Probably all ViewPort applications are the same, although
>it's possible in theory for a VP application to change
>this behaviour.

Just to clarify - Synex ViewPort gives precedence to the public
identifier over the system id, *not* the other way around.
And yes, an integrator can intercept the entity resolution
at either level.