Re: XML catalog draft

Michael wrote:
|   - a clear tutorial on URL syntax, explaining the canonical positions
| on URL structure, meaning of '#', '?', ';', etc., preferably with
| references to the RFCs that actually define the stuff

Don't know about "clear", but the latest draft of URL syntax revision is


|   - a clear tutorial on the FPI syntax defined by ISO 9070, for
| those of use who understand the FPI syntax of 8879 but not 9070.

Maybe even the *text* of 9070?  A standard for public naming ought
to be public.  Dr Mason?

| If anyone can suggest URLs where such tutorials can be found, you'll
| have my undying gratitude.  (URLs for clear treatments of MIME and
| MIME/SGML would also be gratefully accepted.)


The rest of the MIMESGML work ended up in MHTML.

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