Re: 2.1 a-d: Link Recognition by Reserved Attribute?

At 07:24 PM 2/13/97 -0600, len bullard wrote:
>has anyone considered what happens when several arch forms 
>must be applied to the same element type?  For example, 
>a community wants to use the XML type for a link, but 
>specialize it further with arch forms only a set 
>particular to a community shares?

We've discussed it a bit in Davenport.  One idea was to add an empty 
placeholder parameter entity called something like "morph.elemname.attrib" 
to each ATTLIST, so that you could provide different modules containing
non-empty morph.xxx.attrib definitions that map your elements to different 
AFs.  You'd especially need this where LINK isn't available, but some of
us found it an appealing idea regardless.  (We decided not to adopt it for