Re: Winning battles but losing the war

[Todd Freter:]

| > Yes.  I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of this point.
| > HTML is almost perfectly suited to the problem space it was originally
| > designed to address, and for that reason it will probably be around
| > for decades to come.  It is a big mistake to position XML as
| > competition to HTML.  XML is not going to take over HTML's problem
| > space, and suggesting that it might just generates needless hostility.
| Really? No comparison of XML and HTML? [...]

I didn't say that XML should not be compared to HTML.  I said that it
should not be positioned as competition to HTML.

You can compare a Honda Civic to a Mack truck.  But you can't sensibly
position a Honda Civic as competition to a Mack truck.  They targeted
for different markets.