Re: Winning battles but losing the war

(This thread seems to have appeared out of nowhere.  Did someone's
private correspondence get forwarded to the list?)

[Len Bullard:]

| The W3C consortium is a collection of conflicting 
| interests.   Go where they need this:  not where 
| they fear it.  This is when alliance with ISO 
| and WG8 plays to an advantage.  Don't compare 
| this to HTML.  Don't compare this to Acrobat.

Yes.  I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of this point.
HTML is almost perfectly suited to the problem space it was originally
designed to address, and for that reason it will probably be around
for decades to come.  It is a big mistake to position XML as
competition to HTML.  XML is not going to take over HTML's problem
space, and suggesting that it might just generates needless hostility.


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