Re: XML catalog draft

> IC, thus causing it to "fail". I can't think of
> a case where someone who _has_ working public resolution, would prefer to
> use the system ID -- andif they did, it seems they could always ensure that
> any given public ID (or all) would fail to resolve.

Panorama uses SYSTEM in preference to PUBLIC, and I think this is the
right behaviour.  If you don't want the SYSTEM identifier used,
don't give it.  What's it for if not to override the PUBLIC resolution?

> <?XML-BASE SYSTEM "http://www.foo.org/bar/">
> <?XML-BASE PUBLIC "+//ISBN 9882-3::FOO//SGML bar stuff//EN"
>                   "http://www.foo.org/bar/">

This is an interesting idea.  Better to combine them:

By the way, you forgot the ? at the end of the PI.  So do I.  So does everyone
else.  This syntax won't fly,.