Re: What to do given both SYSTEM and PUBLIC?

Tim Bray writes:

> The argument in favor of SYSTEM-first is that this is apt to
> be quicker and cheaper (particularly if you assume that a PUBLIC id
> usually generates a SYSTEM id).  
> The argument in favor of PUBLIC is simpler; it has another level of
> indirection, potentially some supporting catalog machinery; in fact,
> can be considered to be in some sense of "higher value".
> The argument in favor of saying nothing is that the right thing to do
> is [existence proof in the debate here] not crystal-clear and may be
> application-dependent.
> Any new arguments? - Tim

There's a danger of missing the point on this one: it's not whether
you should take PUBLIC first or SYSTEM first, but that having picked
one (assuming both were provided), _and failed to resolve it_, the
other one ought also to be tried. Too many systems try one, fail to
resolve, and just give up without having tried the other one.