Re: XML catalog draft

dgd@cs.bu.edu (David Durand) writes:
>> - make a decision as to what should be done when both PUBLIC and SYSTEM
>>   are there [I can't recall detecting a consensus; did I just miss it?]
>Since PUBLIC is likely to be a point of user-tailorability, it should be
>looked at first -- implementations that don't implement PUBLIC resolution
>will simply ignore the PUBLIC, thus causing it to "fail". I can't think of
>a case where someone who _has_ working public resolution, would prefer to
>use the system ID -- andif they did, it seems they could always ensure that
>any given public ID (or all) would fail to resolve.

Actually, that's the opposite situation in my experience:


This announces to the world that the document conforms to HTML 2.0, but
tells the processor that a local copy of 'html.dtd' will provide the
resource without resorting to a PUBLIC catalog lookup. IOW, why bother
resolving the reference if the document seems to know where to look. Then,
if the SYSTEM fails, resort to the more generalized process of a catalog
lookup using PUBLIC.

I believe Panorama has the same behaviour.


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