Re: There Are No Metadocuments

Please don't use the term "meta-document". It invites confusion with the term
"metadata" (currently much bandied around). Some documents contain information.
Others contain information about information (metadata). I would expect every
XML piece of content worth its salt to have an associated metadata document (or
metadocument) describing what it is and where it came from, in the same way as
a catalogue card describes a book, or a tei header describes a tei document. 
I think this usage is now sufficiently established that applying it differently
here (to include a lot of things which wd normally be the *subject* of a
metadata description) is just going to make people's brains hurt.

While I'm commenting on terminology:

I like "link end", but I still prefer "target".
I don't like "explainer". It sounds like an annoying elderly female relative.
What's wrong with "caption"? (a caption can be explanatory or titular). Or if
you want to be really confusing... how about "tag" (as in what people spraty
opn on tunnel walls with aerosol paint...)