Re: 1.5: Discuss link characteristics?

Len writes:
> This is also in accordance with the way most people think about these 
> issues.  It is my expectation that I can use a button or a hotspot or 
> a voice recognition system and still get the same behavior.

I'm not sure of that, I know a lot of people (complete non-techies)
who expect different behaviors precisely because the modes of
activation are different. 

> Termini and terminus look baked.  I don't like these.  Just trying to 
> say them in a presentation makes one feel one is back in college.

This is like Tom Lehrer's spiel about football stadia...

> > This would be better called Link Action. Traversal is not something
> > non-rocket scientists understand. 

Traversal also has a meaning in a court of law wrt a plaintiff's claim
on a defendant, I think. Use it here but avoid it outside.