Re: XML catalog draft

At 12:05 10/2/97 -0600, Alex Milowski wrote:

>I'm really like componentized architectures where I can pick and choose the
>technologies and standards I must adhere to.
>HyTime people:  Can the BOS do this or this beyond what BOS was intended

I think you are confusing the BOS with the componetized architectures.
HyTime gives you a method for componentizing architectures, architectural
forms. It also gives you a mechanism for componentizing entity sets - the
BOS. Its the old split of logical elements against storage entities. The
problem is that for SGML on the Web you need somthing that segments entities
into logical components (the fragment identifiers?). The entities on the web
are too large for logical control by architectures. Yet how to impose an
architecture on the entities referenced on the Web using URLs is a problem.
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