Re: There Are No Metadocuments

Dave Peterson wrote:

> >My personal preference would be to include references to behavior (code) and
> >appearance (style sheets). Without that separation reuse is difficult and
> >object management is seriously impaired.
> Just as some would like to see SGML Link declaration information be separate
> from "the document".  And others insist vociferously that it *must* be
> part of "the document".  And others would like "the document" to be just
> the SGML document element/instance.  What should and should not be part of
> "the document" is a religious war.  :-(

That is so.  

But just as a DSSSL processing spec can be a Java applet 
or Active-X object instead, religion is where we find it.

It's all values.  Split it up anyway you like, it's still 
just a tag soup of values without the DTD.