Re: 1.4 f: terms for links colocated with their ends

At 04:51 PM 02/07/97 -0800, Jon Bosak wrote:
>[Liora Alschuler:]
>| Is there a reason why we can't just call these "direct" and "indirect"
>| links?
>I agree with Liora.  These work very well intuitively and are about as
>apropos as anything else that's been suggested.

I disagree on this one; Len said it pretty well: direct and indirect are
more natural terms for a quite different distinction, namely whether
indirection is used in the location specification. "Indirect addressing" is
so well-established a term that I can't imagine re-assigning it to another
use, when we need the equivalent of its standard meaning to.

I'm also with James in disliking 'contextual'; I don't mind 'independent'
too much; but just 'i' and 'c' doesn't do it for me.