There Are No Metadocuments

These "metadocuments" sound to me exactly like "the real, full
document with all its trimmings."  I know SGMLllers are used to thinking
about the marked-up text as distinct from the style sheet, etc.,
but for the purposes of publishing that text, the whole ball of
stuff can be considered to be not document+meta, but just
document (including some meta, nothing wrong with that).

Considering documents this way might clarify discussion (and then
again, maybe not), and it would certainly clarify explanation:
"An XML document can be a complex structure, including a style
sheet or even choice of style sheets, and some metainformation
about who and how it was produced, just like a Word document
carries its formatting and some meta along with its text, although
you don't see everything when you look at it in Word."


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