Re: XML marketing contributions

I'm not wild about any of these, but maybe, like Jon's original list, they
will give someone else a push in the right direction:

"XML: certified organic SGML"

"Faster than a SP'ding bullet, more powerful than an <H1> -- it's hypertext,
it's a database, it's XML!"

or some variation on:

"Link global, code local" [like "think global, act local"]
(actually, I kind of like that one -- or should it be: "Link globally, code
locally" -- I can't tell anymore.)

or, after Eve's nice phrase,

"XML: it's what you've been doing all along"
"XML: it's what you already know"

At 12:52 PM 2/9/97 -0800, Jon Bosak wrote:
>   "XML is HTML's big sister."
[you have a very kind idea of a big sister]
>   "XML is what I thought SGML was in the first place."
>   "XML gives Java something to do."
>   Improved version by Tim Bray:
>      "XML gives Java something to chew on."
>An observation by Eve Maler:
>   People have been writing XML all along:
>      <PLUG> ... </PLUG>
>      <FLAME> ... </FLAME>
>I suggest the name "Natural XML" for such constructions.

or just "XML is SGML natural"


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