Re: 1.5: Discuss link characteristics?

Martin Bryan <mtbryan@sgml.u-net.com> wrote:
> Behaviour is not up to the user, it is up to the author. It is the
> author/server that has to control what happens when the link is selected by
> the user. Except in rare cases the user should not be able to change the
> action that selecting a link causes.This is why you must separate
> presentation from behaviour.

Note that in Netscape, clicking on a link with the middle mouse button
opens the target of tht link in a new window; shift-clicking saves the
target to disk.  These are behaviours chosen by the reader.

> I like this terminology (except for the termini - how the hell do I present
> Gard du Nord or Waterloo to users?)

I am beginning to wonder if "terminus" has a non-railway meaning to
North Americans???  It really _is_ awfully comical!

> >B. Link traversal
> >
> >   What happens when a link is traversed.
> This would be better called Link Action. Traversal is not something
> non-rocket scientists understand.
 I agree.

> What most users understand by clicking on
> a hotspot is that some action should take place. This is what the
> behavioural side of the equation covers.

Hmm, no-one has suggested hotspot for the footprint of a link.