Re: 1.4 f: terms for links colocated with their ends

David Durand <dgd@cs.bu.edu> wrote:
> Liam Quin <lee@sq.com> wrote:
>> I have just posted to suggest splitting the various concepts out
>> and having 3 names -- internal/external, implicit end, and participating.
> not _exactly right_ (but close):
> You don't need the distinction between participating and implicit as far as
> I can tell. The only cases where implicit links have been proposed are
> those where the link is participating.

So I hereby propose external annotations, which are participating and
external, and implicitly all point to the same XML file.

Also, a link to a style sheet might be non-participating but internal.

> By the way, external, non-participating, 1-ended links are a way to handle
> external tagging of static documents, and thus are not useless (even if
> they are quite esoteric).
Yes -- TIPSTER uses them.  The ability to apply styles to link-other-ends
is very powerful if you can point to regions of text... as per SDQL.