Re: XML catalog draft

> Your proposal sounds okay to me, except for one thing:
> 1] if there is a processing instruction tht occurs before the DOCTYPE
>     line of the form <?-XML-CATALOG "system-id"?> then that is the system
>     identifier of the catalog and all other mechanisms are disregarded.
> Why can't this be a relative URL?

It can if you like.  I didn't say it couldn't (I hope).
But it can also be absolute (complete).

You can't always work out the correct relative URL.

Example: given the URL
it may be that this is being created on the fly by DynaWeb (say),
and that the CATALOG is actually

Example: given the URL
the correct thing to look for might be
or possibly just
and not the "obvious"
(any or all of the ampersands (&) could be replaced with semicolons (;)
in the above example)

But it might also be on a different server, so it might be (say)

So you have to be able to override the default mechanisms.

Panorama actually lacks this abiity right now, which is sometimes a problem.
There, I've given you all a competitive secret :-)