Re: XML catalog draft

Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
> I am not familiar with the URN process in detail - am I right in assuming
> that it based on DNS?

As I understand it, there is no URN process:

" Last, this document intentionally does not address the problem of
   name resolution, other than to recommend that for each naming
   authority a name translation mechanism exist.  Naming authorities
   assign names, while resolvers or location services of some sort
   assist or provide URN to URL mapping.  There may be one or many such
   services for the resources named by a particular naming authority.
   It may also be the case that there are generic ones providing service
   for many resources of differing naming authorities.  Some may be
   authoritative and others not.  Some may be highly reliable or highly
   available or highly responsive to updates or highly focussed by other
   criteria such as subject matter.  Of course, it is also possible that
   some naming authorities will also act as resolvers for the resources
   they have named.  This document supports and encourages third party
   and distributed services in this area, and therefore intentionally
   makes no statements about requirements of URNs or naming authorities
   on resolvers."


 Paul Prescod