Re: 1.4 h: Explainer?

John_Lavagnino@brown.edu wrote:
> "Explainer" sounds fine to me.  Both "caption" and "description" seem
> to imply a function in too narrow a way: this thing is not necessarily
> going to be displayed as some sort of caption (to me this sounds like
> it has to go right under a big arrow), 

But that is a common usage of it.

>  and a "description" makes it
> sound more like some kind of documentation rather than part of a
> function or interface.

which is the most common usage of it.

This points out the problems of the name game:

o  Implies the functionality

o  Is in concert with common practice

o  Satisfies an abstract set of rules for naming

I think there will be no argument or choice that satisfies all 
conditions in all cases.  This is why I think it preferable 
to use HyTime names where possible.  In this coin toss,
the coin should be weighted to the side of the standard.
That is easy to explain(er)/describe/capture.

Len Bullard