Re: 1.4 f: terms for links colocated with their ends

At 11:09 31/01/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>1.4.f Should we define terms for links that are colocated with their
> ends,


> and if so, should we use in-line and out-of-line?

No.  I find "out-of-line" much less suggestive of the nature of the link
that the existing HyTime term "independent".

I think using the term "in-line" is going to be confusing when we get to the
style stage, since the term "in-line" is used very heavily in formatting (at
least in DSSSL). I am not very keen on the term "contextual" either.  Since
the "in-line" links are the kind of links that most people are currently
used to, may be they could be called something like "simple", "normal" or