Re: Section 0: Naming

Sean McGrath writes

   I suggest we call it "Hyper-X" being the short name for "Hyper-XML"
   being the short name for "Hypertext enhanced eXtensible Markup

Eve adds

      I like Hyper-XML -- a lot! -- as the short name, and Hypertext
      Enabled XML as the long name.  In fact, for the short version,
      HyperXML spelled solid, without the hyphen, looks even better.

Two colleagues here -- unaware of anything called XML as yet --
overheard me discussing Eve's list of DTD no-nos with someone and
interrupted to ask if I had tried Tinaderm (a cream for Eczema; go on,
say it aloud with a short middle "e" :-)

Might Hyper-X be thought to have something to do with Hyper-G? But I
like the thrust of this name.