Re: Section 0: Naming

At 05:10 PM 2/4/97 -0400, Murray Altheim wrote:
>If the majority of XML applications are targeted at delivery over the
>Internet, then this sounds kinda redundant. Call me a troll, but I still
>like Jon's idea of a suite of specs around the "XML-" prefix. At least this
>way the public can immediately see the relationships between the parts, and
>XML remains the primary focus.
>Well, part of product marketing is checking out the existing trademarks,
>although I've always thought 'do diligence' a silly term. Note that Hyper-X
>is already in use, although I wouldn't want to guess who owns the
>   a) "Hyper-X, Hypertextual Consciousness" by Mark Amerika (!).
>   b) "Hyper-X for SCO UnixWare 2" -Novell
>   c) NASA Langley's "Hyper-X High Speed Research Vehicle Production"
>   d) "Hyper-X -- the department of Alt-X concerned with
>   e) Quarterdeck's [defunct?] "X11 Server Software for the PC"
>and many more...

Given your reasons and the marketing focus, maybe we should switch around
the XML and the hyper, and then call it XML-Hype for short. :-)