Re: Section 0: Naming

Tim Bray wrote:
> At 03:27 PM 2/4/97 -0500, Eve L. Maler wrote:
> >I like Hyper-XML -- a lot! -- as the short name, and Hypertext Enabled XML
> >as the long name.  In fact, for the short version, HyperXML spelled solid,
> >without the hyphen, looks even better.
> HyperXML is nice.  I didn't like Sean's Hyper-X, because that collides
> with Hyper-G.

Yes.  I predcit they will quickly call it HyperX in practice, but that's
not important.

> I take it that nobody else considers it important to advertise the fact
> that this technology is *not* limited to XML applications? - Tim

Is this something like the HyTime claim that it is not limited to SGML?