Re: Section 0: Naming

Eve L. Maler wrote:
> I like Hyper-XML -- a lot! -- as the short name, and Hypertext Enabled XML
> as the long name.  In fact, for the short version, HyperXML spelled solid,
> without the hyphen, looks even better.
>         Eve
> At 08:21 PM 2/4/97 +0000, Digitome Ltd. wrote:
> >I think we should look for some marketing spin in the naming. I am
> >not a marketing type and am distinctly unqualified to offer an opinion but
> >that never stopped me before:-)
> >
> >I suggest we call it "Hyper-X" being the short name for "Hyper-XML" being
> >the short name for "Hypertext enhanced eXtensible Markup Language"
> >
> >Sean Mc Grath
> >digitome@iol.ie

I like it too.  Nice, Sean.


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