Re: 1.5: Discuss link characteristics?

At 11:09 AM 31/01/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>>From section 1.5 Types of link types
>1.5.a Shall we have a discussion of the characteristics links can
> can have, including relationship, topology, locator language,
> formatting, and behavior?

Yes - I think this will be very useful to the readers, both those new
to the discipline, and those carrying the baggage of some other hyperlinking
scheme.  I think this holds independent of what we decide to do about all 
these things, and even if we decide to say nothing about some of them.
I.e. if we do someting controversial like say nothing about behavior, we
owe it to the readers to warn them in advance that this is going to be
the case, i.e. that we didn't just leave it out by accident.  Also, I
love the title "Types of Hyperlink Types" (Steve's contribution). - Tim