Re: Section 0: Naming

It dawned on me that since I co-drafted the spec, I ought to have the
courtesy to put in a pitch for the status quo on all these section 1

At 11:08 AM 31/01/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>0.1 What should the title of the spec be?
>0.2 What should the generic term or acronym we use to reference whatever
> it is the spec describes?

(a) I don't think that XML-Link is euphonious or memorable, and 
(b) XML is not exactly a name to conjure with (yet), and
(c) It is *important* that what we build operate with, and be advised as
    operating with, SGML and HTML.

Thus I would favor the current title, "Extended Hyper Linkage" and the
acronym XHL; the theory is that it sounds enough like XML that we can
spin the XML+XHL story when that is what the people want, and is nonetheless
distinct, which would avoid giving the impression that you can't use it
in SGML or HTML.  - Tim