Re: 1.a: Use Elements? -- critical ambiguity in question!

Eve, your idea is an interesting one:
>         xml             (linkto)        "linkto"
>         xmlnames        CDATA           #FIXED "linkends ptr"
>         scheme          (intid)         "intid"
> ?>

but I think I see a problem with it -- XML documents would use these
extra attributes, but they would not be declared to the SGML parser,
and the result would not be valid SGML.

Now, at one point, a partial DTD wasn't allowed -- it had to be all
or nothing.  If that's still the case, the rules on undeclared entities 
are inconsistent.  But if it isn't the case, I think we must either
(1) apply pressure for multiple Attlists, and help draw up a draft
    amendment if necessary;

(2) until then, stick to markup that is clearly different.

    <?-XML- URI element A attribute HREF?>
    <?-XML- URI element FOOTNOTE attribute HREF?>
    <?-XML- SYSTEM element IMAGE attribute SRC action embed?>
    or even
    <?-XML-XHL- -XML-XHL-URI- -XML-XHL-ELEMENT A ..... ugh?>