Re: 1.4 a-c: Basic Terminology

At 11:09 AM 1/31/97, Tim Bray wrote:
>Note: On this item, the ERB is leaning towards using the terms link, with the
>obvious meeting, pointer for the pointy bits that point at things, and for
>third term, what the current spec calls anchor, the ERB is contemplating
>link end, end, and terminus.
>For the time being, and in order that Jon can read this without getting
>headaches, the spec has been adjusted to use link, pointer, and terminus.
>1.4.a What do we call the container used to hold the bits that
> point at other things?  (in current discussion: link)
>1.4.b What do we call the bits that point at other things? (in current
> discussion: pointer)
>1.4.c What do we call the things that are pointed at? (in current
> discussion: terminus)

I can deal with "terminus" or "link end". End is too generic for clarity, I

And I think we need to separate address from pointer for reasons already posted.

  -- David

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