New members; archives updated

Having been duly certified to me to be SGML experts, the following
persons have been added to the W3C SGML Working Group:

 Murata Makoto, Fuji Xerox               murata@apsdc.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp
 Todd Freter, Sun                        todd.freter@sun.com
 David Slocombe, Structured Information  dns@vex.net
 Sarah Slocombe, Apropos Toy and Tool    sarah@attd.com
 Peter Murray-Rust, Nottingham U.        peter@ursus.demon.co.uk
 Liora Alschuler, The Word Electric      liora@the-word-electric.com
 Peter Rauleder, Daimler-Benz            rauleder@dbag.stg.daimlerbenz.com

I have put the WG mail for the second half of January on
sunsite.unc.edu in files named 9701a and 9701b:


You can also use HTTP to retrieve these.

As usual, I cannot guarantee that I received everything sent to the
list, but these files contain everything that I did receive.  The W3C
archive for this group is publicly visible, so you are free to share
these files with anyone who might be interested in our transactions.