Re: Anchor terminology

>David Durand wrote:
>>         Even though "referents" sounds exactly like "reference"?
>>         Jon
>> a very good point. I was thinking that pointer referent is clear, but
>> the plural is confusing. Maybe target is better after all. Link-end
>> works for me, but I don't think of ropes, since links are now part of
>> my primary ontology.
>>     Just so long as it's not anchor!

May I point out that one of the problems I've commonly seen in HTML is that
people have a tough time understanding that HTML anchors may contain both a
NAME and an HREF, so they may be both a referent/link and a
reference/target. Assuming that XML links will be at least as functional,
calling one end of a pointy thing a target may be a limiting statement, or
require some kind of qualifier.

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