Re: Sample Question

	From: Len Bullard <cbullard@HiWAAY.net>

	Will the following example be koscher XML?

	<TITLE>Hello World</TITLE>
	<P>Your IP address is <SERVER>write(request.ip)</SERVER>
	<SERVER>write("<p>Last time your were " + client.oldname + ".")</SERVER>

It meets the syntax of XML, so naturally it will be. I sincerely hope that this
group will not create a standard way to include exectuable code in the
body of documents, since I think that is a DTD and application program
issue, not a prerequisite for good markup and powerful linking

And it _should_ be legitimate XML, too. Wouldn't we rather that
Netscape had made a JavaScript tag and been able to supply a
contional stylesheet to hide the script from people who can't or don't
want to run javaScript? I think that kind of solution beats "parsed
comments" blindfolded, in a straightjacket, without breaking a sweat.

And with a different stylesheet, it's a code example suitable for
putting in a table, and not a program suitable for execution!

   -- David