Re: Anchor terminology

lee@sq.com wrote:
> For a reference/referent/target/comefrom/landing zone,
> I still prefer "active region" or a "zone".
> A link end can be a target, but it can also be where the
> archer places his feet, both the golf tee and the hole, sometimes
> both at once.
> For an annotation, for example, it's not really a target,
> but just a region of interest.
> Lee

Whatever.  I'll check in from time to time to see 
how the baby is named.  I really suggest we 
stick with something they understand already.

I was cheerful with ilink and clink since we've
been tossing these around for quite a while now.
Ok, let's obsolete all the books so we can 
all write new ones.  I'm sure 
Steve and David are happy to do YetAnotherUpdate 
to Making Hypermedia Work.  :-)