Re: Production 21 (and others)

Dhris Maden wrote:
> The regexp should bar *-- within a comment (and -- unless the TC
> passes in time).  Even though, from XML's point of view, only *--> can
> end a comment, these are still SGML comments, and *-- as comc would
> still end the comment within the comment declaration.

No.  Using *-- as COMC would require SGML comments to look like
<!*-- stuff *-->

Existing SGML systems will use -- to delimit comments, and it is pure
happenstance (to them) that all XML comments start and end with an asterisk.

In fact, banning -- within comments until the TC passes is sufficient,
since *-- contains --.  After the TC passes (I hope!), it is only necessary
to state that comments don't nest, so tht --* cannot appear within a comment,
since an SGML system can then handle the new syntax.