Re: 'XML browser'

[Peter Murray-Rust:]

| I'd like to suggest features of 'an XML browser' and a 'generic XML
| application'; this also picks up the themes of 'killer apps' and
| 'marketing' which have been raised by Jon and others.  I appreciate
| that implementation may be slightly off-topic but I have personally
| found that it's very valuable to have an idea of what the final
| product (e.g.  XML is going to be used for and what it will look
| like).

I really like this line of thought, but given the need to stay focused
on the XML linking stuff for the next couple of months, I (somewhat
reluctantly) am going to rule this level of discussion out of bounds
for the moment.  Unfortunately there is no ideal place for it; there
is no comp.text.xml list, and I don't know that we have arrived at the
right time to start one.  (Does someone want to set up an open XML
mailing list?  It's a lot of work.)  Until some better alternative
appears, I suggest that discussions like this one take place in


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