Re: Entity and Element Addressing

At 08:27 AM 29/01/97 -0500, Gavin Nicol wrote:
>>I note from XML 1.0, s.v. 2.2, that in a well formed XML document,
>>for each entity reference, the entity name must be declared ...
>I am not convinced that this is a necessary check for well-formedness.

Hmm, it's a pretty fundamental point.  If I see an undeclared reference
it could have indicated anything from a single gaiji to the text of
the Critique of Pure Reason; not knowing seems seems pretty evil.

My conception of Well-Formedness has always been along the lines of
"you can build the right parse tree".  Now, we have partially ducked
that by saying that you don't have to fetch & parse external text entities;
but you do have to know what the reference is pointing at.

What are the advantages to relaxing this restriction?  And if there
are lots of others who agree with Gavin on this, speak up. - Tim