Re: Anchor terminology

"Eve L. Maler" <elm@arbortext.com> writes:
>"Link" is fine (the only word we all seem to have settled on :-).
>"Pointer" is fine, too, though "address" might be better: Is a pointer
>potentially made of a chain or relative addresses, or is an address made of
>a chain of relative pointers?

I like Jon's terminology, agreeing with most of the comments following.
Regarding pointers and addresses, I would think the latter to be more
understandable, given:

     Murray Altheim
     Spyglass, Inc.
     One Cambridge Center

...is an address made of a chain of relative pointers. An address seems to
me an opaque string, similar to a URL.

Terry Allen wrote:
>How may TEI extended pointers be expressed as URLs?

My knowledge of TEI is rather minimal, so I wasn't sure if he was asking
the manner, or the current usage of TEI extended pointers expressed as
URLs. I was thinking we might borrow from the Web a "#" character and try:


Since there's no way around escaping the spaces, it's going to look ugly
unless we collapse all spaces something like:



    Murray Altheim, Program Manager
    Spyglass, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts
    email: <mailto:murray@spyglass.com>
    http:  <http://www.cm.spyglass.com/murray/murray.html>
           "Give a monkey the tools and he'll eventually build a typewriter."