RE: Name for XML-LINK (Was: Re: Initial draft of XML-Link...)

> Let us make it simple. My proposal:
> xml syntax
> xml link (or xml hypertext)
> xml stylesheet

I would favour link over hypertext, since a link is only part of hypertext.
I would favour xml styles over stylesheet, because I think style sheet
may have connotations of simple proprty-based styles to many people,
esp. those unfamiliar with products like DynaText or Adept.

I would favour xml base or xml core or just xml over xml syntax, to
emphasis that it isn't optional.

But I strongly agree that all the language must be simple, down to earth,
practical and nor call a spade un chat, appeler chaque chose par son nom,
as my HyTime phrase book has it.  But Cotgrave saith, Il faut perdre vn
veron pour pesche vn saulmon [s.v. Pescher(2)], which is, Somewhat must be
lost that much may be gotten.

The simple-sounding shall inherit the link ends of the earth.