Re: Taxonomy, Link Relationships - where does it all fit?

[Sean Mc Grath:]

| I have been trying to build a mental picture of what has been
| discussed in recent days and have ended up with a 3 layered model (and
| some comments about a possible level 4).

[Proposal omitted]

My mental picture of what we're doing is more market-oriented than
architectural.  I'm seeing applications falling into three basic

1. Applications that require extensible content markup and nothing
else.  Examples: interprocess communication, exchange of data between
heterogeneous databases.  Specification: XML.

2. Applications that also require linking but use programmed routines
(typically Java applets) to generate displays or perform other
processing.  Examples: Pinnacles circuit modelers, airline scheduling
systems, CML.  Specifications: XML and XML-LINK.

3. Applications that perform linking and also need a stylesheet
language to handle complex display behavior in a standard way.
Examples: Advanced Web publishing applications.  Specifications: XML,

Please note that this is just a snapshot of my personal mental model
this Sunday morning, and as a marketing view, it makes no claim to be
architecturally coherent.