Re: Using HyTime Arcform stuff (was Re: Ephemeral XML?)

Eve L. Maler <elm@arbortext.com> wrote:
> PI summaries such as this are starting to look really good to me.  They
> should be easily parsable and can convey the necessary AF information
> without reliance on #CURRENT-like precedence or painful redundancy.  The
> only (arguably) better mechanism would be multiple ATTLISTs.

I agree on both counts.  I would *definitely* prefer multiple attlists,
so I can add archforms to elements.  That would require an SGML
improvement/change... but it would be a very interesting one.

If we can't have repeated ATTLIST specifications for a given GI,
using processing instructions does work, and we do have software
that does this -- Panorama has a processing instruction that activates
the content of a given element, or the value of a specific attribute,
as a URI-style link.  Without suggesting that we use the same syntax,
would it help if I explained the functionality?